earn income from your holiday home


At Holiday Resort Unit many of our Holiday Home Owners have discovered the benefit of letting their caravans and lodges when they are not using them. It not only provides extra income that can help with the running costs but also allows them make the most out of their holiday home when they're not using it. 

With us, you're in control! You can decide how often you want to let your holiday home, tailoring it to suit your needs and preferences. We've made subletting super easy with our trusted partner, Newmans. Just a couple of forms and you're ready to go! We can meet you on-site, and we'll explain the income you can expect and guide you through the process whilst we enjoy a cuppa. 

How would subletting work for you?

Guaranteed Income

We are delighted to share that for all new owners who sign up in 2024, Newmans are able to provide a minimum guaranteed income for your rental period, which will give you added peace of mind when planning for site fees. What's more, if the income exceeds this minimum during that period, then you will enjoy additional earnings.

Reserve your own holidays

Owner bookings are simple to manage too. You will have 24/7 access to your own online calendar, so you can make your own bookings with no notice period, as well as getting up to date income statements.

Ongoing support

It’s only natural that you would want your home to stay pristine throughout the year. Newmans offer a low-cost ‘Maintenance Cover’ package, which is Free for New Owners in 2024, providing unlimited general maintenance call-outs for Guests, and this extends to Owners for free.

Additional services are also available for the winter months to keep your property clean, safe and secure. Our winter shutdown packages include options on draining down, anti-freeze checks, soft furnishing mould prevention and a fortnightly exterior and interior inspection.

Subletting is Hassle free

We'll take care of you and your holiday home

When it comes to service excellence, we leave no stone unturned. Our sublet partner Newmans, are committed to providing the highest level of service and upholding exceptional standards. 

Your holiday home will be promoted on Newman's dedicated Holiday Resort Unity website, giving it the visibility it deserves. Plus to reach a wider audience, they will also promote your holiday home on their social media channels.

We want to help you maximise the potential of your holiday home, that's why Newmans monitor and adapt pricing and bookings to ensure you're receiving the most bookings, at the best price. Together, we will make your holiday home work harder for you.

Subletting becomes a breeze when you partner with Holiday Resort Unity and Newmans. We will manage the entire guest booking process and we'll oversee departures.   All the admin tasks such as, providing statements, fund transfers etc - will be managed by Newmans too. 


More questions?

icon Does it matter what type or age of holiday home I own for Newmans to sublet?

Newmans can let any type of holiday home regardless of its age or model, subject to an inspection and the rectification of any repairs or improvements needed.

icon Can I use my Holiday Home for my own or family and friends’ holidays and how often?

You can use your Holiday Home as little or as often as you wish, the more weeks it is available to Newmans the greater the income it will generate for you.

icon Is it possible to find out how many bookings my Holiday Home has taken for the season?

You will have full access to your Newmans Holiday Home Account on-line, there you can check bookings, and current availability, reserve it for you, your friends/family, or paying guests, and check your financial statement. All the important information is in one place.