Static Caravan Interior Top Design Tips for 2024,

New Year is perfect for a fresh start and now is a great time to update your holiday home with a fresh new look. Whether you own a static caravan already, or planning to purchase your first holiday home – Brean is a great holiday choice in South West. Check our guide to Things That Make Holiday Home a Home, and tailor a dream holiday retreat for worry-free getaways.

Updating your static caravan should follow the same interior design staples as your permanent home, just add a twist of fun – it’s your holiday home after all!

Feel a bit overwhelmed? Don’t be! We’ve gathered some great static caravan interior ideas and advice for the stylish and cosy holidays, so let’s dive in!


Maximising space means maximising the joy of your static caravan holiday and having a spacious and clutter-free environment is essential for a relaxing break. Before you dive into searching for stylish accessories and décor pieces, assess the storage space in your static caravan to see if all holiday essentials have a place. Not quite enough? Consider investing in furniture with hidden storage such as ottoman beds, or a spacious side cabinet.


Moreover, space-saving doesn’t end with clever storage solutions but extends to the smart choice of essentials. A stylish table lamp can provide light and décor function and a flower pot placed together with the books on the shelf frees the table space for a tin of delicious biscuits and tea.


When thinking about ideas to decorate your static caravan, it's crucial to pick the correct colour scheme. Selecting light and neutral tones for the walls and ceilings can make the space seem airy, creating the illusion of a larger area. Soft pastel shades like gentle blues, greens, or pinks can bring a calming effect, making it perfect if you desire a peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, lively and vibrant colours are a great way to express your personality in the living space. However, think about using bold colours strategically to add visual interest without overwhelming the area.


Beyond choosing a colour theme, think about how various styles can influence the overall vibe of your static caravan and location. Owning a static caravan in Brean, where you are only steps away from the sandy beach, surrounded by rural Somerset countryside, can inspire the feel of your holiday home décor. Whether you lean towards a tranquil escape look or a charming rustic feel, sticking to a consistent style will help establish harmony within your living space.


In general, when customising your static caravan, aim to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. If you're uncertain about your style, take your time to experiment with different combinations until you discover one that reflects your style and creates a relaxing environment. Contact our friendly team today to help you choose your perfect holiday home.


For those who love calm and neutral tones, consider coastal-inspired interiors. Choose white-washed finishes and reclaimed wood accents. Sometimes all what it takes to complete the holiday home décor can be an interesting piece of drifted wood you found on the beach!

For upholstery and furnishings choose natural fabrics such as jute, linen or rattan, but it doesn’t mean you need to buy new furniture – a new throw, curtains and a few cushion covers can make a big difference. Choose light or natural fabric colours to keep the interior airy, and embrace the natural beauty of the textiles. Finally, we suggest adding some low-maintenance greenery such as aloe vera for the ultimate coastal retreat feel.


Are you and your family going on holiday in Brean for as long as you can remember? Take inspiration for your static caravan décor from the 70s and think more sustainably by choosing vintage, used and upcycled décor pieces. Embrace all the good memories you had by placing old holiday photos in vintage picture frames. Explore your creative side with a brighter colour palette full of warm amber tones and soft green hues. Craft a unique personalised space using patterned or textured fabrics like velvet and corduroy for cushions and throws, and soft linen for bedding, to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.


For those who crave colour, 2024 is the time you can embrace your imagination and explore bolder interior choices in your holiday home. Think of a statement furniture piece, like a boldly painted dining table or an extravagant armchair for your reading nook.

If you are not sure if bold décor is for you but still want to try – a great choice is statement wall art. Think of creating patterns from picture frames or mirrors, wall hangings or choose a large statement art piece to create lasting visual impact.

As you start decorating your static caravan for 2024, remember that your holiday space is a canvas for your imagination. Whether you're drawn to the serene Somerset coastal vibes, want to embrace the nostalgic family memories, or you're ready to make a bold statement, the key is to create a perfect holiday environment.

So, as you explore these static caravan interior ideas, let your creativity flow, and let your space be a place for joy, relaxation, joy, and personal expression. Here's to a year of stylish and cosy holidays in your dream holiday retreat!

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