Season Information

2021 Season Information


Newman’s Letting & private sub-letting Schemes: There are 2 options if you wish to sublet your holiday home, one being to manage subletting privately, the other to use our approved agent, Newman’s Holiday Homes.   

Newman’s this year are celebrating 25 years of helping owners sublet their caravans and lodges. To commemorate this very special occasion, Newman's are offering new sublet owners a sign-up bonus of £250. Simply sublet 6 peak weeks and 6 non-peak weeks* and your rental account will be credited. Now is the perfect time to let your holiday home earn money when you’re not there, especially with an expected upturn in UK holidays. For further details on the 6 & 6 for £250 and other subletting options, email or call 01395 224066. *t&c apply.  

You may wish join both schemes, in doing so your holiday home will need to be approved with a simple inspection by ourselves or Newman’s prior to commencing letting. The holiday home needs to be on piped gas.  

The nightly administration fee for subletting guests is £4.95 per person per night (£5.95 in high season -  28th May – 5th June & 23rd July – 4th September - charges apply for 3 years of age and above). Each guest will be issued a privilege pass allowing them park access and discounts.  Alternatively, unlimited privilege passes for a pitch can be purchased in advance at £1,225 + VAT, excellent value if letting for the full season. The unlimited passes option will also cover all guests using your caravan (including hirers, family and friends). If you join both letting schemes then the unlimited passes charge is compulsory.   

If you choose the private sublet option we will be contacting you via email with the agreement and we will also be completing bookings electronically this year, so in due course there will be no more paper forms to fill out!   

 N.B. As the season opening has been delayed we will adjust the season passes price when we have a confirmed opening date. We will not send any invoices until this is known.  


Sublet guest bookings 

Once you’re registered for the sublet scheme please add your bookings via this link this is the link we use


Grass cutting  

We offer a grass cutting package where we will cut the grass throughout the season on average every 2 weeks for a fixed cost of £200inc. vat or £400inc. vat for a weekly service for the season (Mid Feb – mid Nov). This way you will have peace of mind that the grass will be cut and won’t have to worry about doing it. We will adjust this charge when we know an opening date.   

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the grass and garden area within fenced pitches is kept tidy, well presented and grass cut regularly. A weekly inspection is made and then we cut the grass on any pitches which haven’t been maintained and make a charge of £18 inc vat for a basic grass cut.  

As the park will not be opening on 12th February we will provide a grass cutting service for all pitches without charge until we can reopen.  We will also adjust the cost of the grass cutting service to be aligned with the number of weeks left once we have a confirmed opening date.  

 N.B. If you have an un-fenced garden we will continue to cut the grass as part of our usual park grass cutting routines without additional charge.  

Servicing Gas Appliances  

As per our last email we now invite you to select your required service package on the link below. 


We have a superb gym along with sauna and steam room located at Brean Splash. As an owner you are entitled to discounted monthly membership of £16.99 per month. Select the option on the survey if interested.  

Vehicles & Privilege Passes  

On the survey we ask you to confirm which vehicle registrations you wish to have associated with your pitch (If you want no changes then please leave this blank). Your privilege cards are automatically renewed just remember to bring them with you on your first visit. We are in the process of implementing a new system so you can request changes yourselves online, information will follow once this is ready to go live.   

We will update you further just as soon as we have more information on a possible reopening date. Please stay safe.   


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